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Battambang in deep - 4 Days

Posted by on: 22/05/2013

Day 1 – Siem Reap / Phnom Penh to Battambang by public bus

We will bring you from your hotel to the public bus station of Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. The bus to Battamang leaves at 7am and takes 4-5 hours to reach its final destination. At arrival in Battambang and

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We will take you at your hotel at 8:00 am and drive to the Angkor site. We will begin to explore the complex of Angkor Thom. This Royal city was first built under the

We will take you at your hotel at 8:00 am and drive about 15 km southeast of Siem Reap to reach the temples of the Roluos group, a collection of monuments representing the remains of Hariharalaya, the first major capital of the

We will pick you up at your hotel at 9:00 am and bring you to the friendly local restaurant, where you will attend an initiation to the Khmer cuisine. Khmer cuisine is quite similar to the Thai cuisine but less spicy, with accents from Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese food. Cambodian cuisine derives its flavor from spices and aromatic herbs as well as from

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